Sunday, November 28, 2010


 1. Begin with over under grip on opponent.

2.Must maintain chest to chest contact while trying to rotate and circumduct the right arm under opponent left arm will be flexing while extending forward with legs.

3. The head will shift positions since, the grip has changed.
4. Move slow at first then pick up pace as time goes on. A more advanced is to incorporate body lift with it.  As the video below shows:
Explanation for drill:
   1.Can be used for a warm up drill. Also for muscle memory
   2.Also is used in long time periods to train for arm endurance and overall endurance.
   3. Can become more competitive and make the athletes work hard to actually lock to body lift. This is used to train for endurance of the body and its abdominal muscles, to be able to handle the load of the exercise.

Body Lift

1.Start with pummeling.

2.Then one person goes and flexes hands behind back and locks hands together.

3. Then from stance will extend legs in explosive manner to a plantarflexed foot,lifting the person in the air.

4.Walk a few steps and then repeat for few sets, mostly in interval of minute turns.

Explanation of drill:
  This drill trains your abdomen and lower body, mostly in explosive manner, but it trains hip flexors and hip extensors such as psoas major, and quadriceps and hamstring muscles.


1.Start in stance,which is flexed legs to about 90 degrees, with back locked in place and hands flexed in front of body.
2.Fight for inside position, by trying to grab opponents with flexed hand to Inner portion of biceps brachii and  distal phalanges in order to get inside control.
3. More advanced is to fight for under-hook position.

Used for kinesthetic awareness, arm endurance of the biceps muscles and flexors and extensors of wrist and also for overall endurance.

Novice video

Expert Video

Angle 2


Start off in stance, legs flexed with back extended over them with elbows flexed in and head extended.Also feet should be shoulder with apart.

Headsnap to underhook

After stance travel toward opposing athlete. Take right hand and pronate it and place on head and bring head proximally  toward you  and take left hand and slide inferiorly to opponents arm. Then quickly move to double under hook stage.

Double Underhook

After headsnap and one underhook. Replace headsnap hand to underhook, and lock hands behind opposing athlete back. Proceed to the takedown stage

Transition- take down

After double under hook, jump to one side and contracting back muscles such as latimus dorsi, on opposing athlete bringing him into body. Once squeezed proceed with placement of right knee to posterior aspect of athlete knee and cradle down.


Once to side of apposing athlete, contract muscles of back and then lower them to ground in controlled manner. Finish with opposing athlete laying supine with shoulders down for pin..